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Success with a Buyers Agent

Our clients

Our clients are buyers, people with real estate challenges, investors, Australians living and working overseas and international buyers. Because of our experience in real estate matters and skill in negotiating we appeal to the broad spectrum of investors in the real estate market from the very experienced to first home buyers. Clients use our services because they are time poor professionals, overseas or interstate residents, young people not familiar with the market, the stressed who do not want the emotion or worry, women investors who prefer to be mentored through the process, older people who want to be involved but minded, investors who want the best deal and yet others who for various reasons wish to remain anonymous. Our clients are not only individuals but also different types of organizations and institutions and both public and private companies.

Case Study Scenarios

Here are some examples of briefs given to us by clients. These will illustrate the diversity of client and client briefs. If any of these are similar to your requirements or even if your requirements are entirely different then contact us now for an obligation free discussion.

Case study one


In this transaction we used our negotiation skills to bring together disaffected parties reinvigorating a lost sale on behalf of the vendor. Our client was an individual investor/developer who was renovating and building properties within NSW. While there was a potential buyer for one of his properties communication had broken down between the parties - vendor/purchaser/agent. The property transaction had come to a standstill.

What we did
The vendor was then referred to us. Once we were briefed by the vendor we set about developing a strategy. Rather than start a new marketing campaign to source another purchaser we suggested that we contact the original agent, attempt to rebuild the relationship and identify whether the previously involved purchaser was still interested. They were. We then convened a meeting between all paries on site.

We managed to broker a mutually satisfactory deal. The price was renegotiated directly with the parties, contracts were exchanged same day, the vendor sold the property, and the purchaser bought the property. Our professional approach and facilitation culminated in a satisfactory deal for all concerned. The vendor was saved the expense of another marketing campaign and loss of time, the purchaser saved both time and lost opportunity, the agent retained the deal. We had the satisfaction of bringing together a broken transaction and completing unfinished business.

Case study two

In this particular case we acted as a buyers agent. Sourcing an appropriate property through our network of agents and negotiating a satisfactory deal. This international client was introduced to Real Estate Negotiators through the marketing and sale of a property for another client. She had been looking for a property for some time either being overbid at auction or losing the property in the offer and acceptance process. She was tired of the market and completely disenchanted.

What we did
We firstly ensured that she was 'purchase ready'. This meant ensuring that her legal and financial organization was in place and her real estate knowledge current.

We then sourced a range of properties for her to inspect, negotiated the sale, through the selling agents, of her chosen property for a price well within her budget.

Case study Three

We were briefed by our client, a busy young professional couple, who wanted us to have a watching and support role in the auction sale of an investment property in Sydney's inner west. Our brief was to ensure that the listing agent was in fact doing the best they could for the client and ensure that the property was sold on the day.

What we did
At auction the price to the vendor was not satisfactory however, due to our intervention and negotiation with the bidder their offer was increased thus effecting a satisfactory sale.

We were able to avoid our client wasting their limited resources on an unsuccessful auction and their time. They then engaged us to negotiate their new home purchase.

Success Stories

A wonderful home in Greenwich has been purchased by us for our clients David & Karen. This couple are typical of many young business executives who are time poor and need the assistance of an experienced professional who they can trust to act in their best interests. There were three purchasors on the property and we needed to secure the property on their behalf. This we did quickly and efficiently to all parties satisfaction.

We have purchased a wonderful new home for sea change couple Bob & Libby on the Sunshine Coast. They had viewed the property while on holidays and loved it. They asked us for our professional advice and assistance having used our services three times before and knew how committed we are to our clients. After sitting down and discussing what they wanted to achieve and what price they were prepared to pay we approached the vendors agent and entered into a negotiation. This resulted in an excellent buy for our client which exceeded their expectations.

Real Estate Negotiators have successfully purchased a much sought after home in Greenwich.

Young couple Tegan & Stephen phoned us up to attend the auction on their behalf as they were committed to a wedding in Melbourne. We looked at the site and realised that this was a hotly contested property. After discussing this with our clients we convinced them to make a ‘best shot’ offer prior to auction. After much discussion and hard negotiation through the agent and with the vendor our offer was finally accepted. If we had waited until the auction – they would have missed out.