real estate negotiators

Buying property is the most important financial decision can make.

Successful negotiation is critical to your success.

We are licensed real estate agents with 25 years experience in buying and selling real estate. We know how to achieve a successful result for our buyers. We negotiate successfully every week. Few buyers have the experience we have. They end up failing to secure their new home or worse - paying too much.

Real Estate agents can’t work for the buyer.

Estate agents are commissioned professionals whose responsibility is to sell their clients property for the highest price. Successful agents have negotiated hundreds of property sales and have proven strategies and tactics to achieve this. First time or inexperienced property buyers cannot hope to negotiate on an equal footing.

Quality properties attract quality buyers.

Quality properties in the competitive Sydney market are in short supply. As if finding a quality property is not difficult enough potential home buyers then have to contend with other experienced and aggressive buyers. The buyer with the deepest pockets often prevails, but this does not need to happen.

To secure your new home you need to be the smartest buyer - not the wealthiest.

Success Stories

A wonderful home in Greenwich has been purchased by us for our clients David & Karen. This couple are typical of many young business executives who are time poor and need the assistance of an experienced professional who they can trust to act in their best interests. There were three purchasors on the property and we needed to secure the property on their behalf. This we did quickly and efficiently to all parties satisfaction.

We have purchased a wonderful new home for sea change couple Bob & Libby on the Sunshine Coast. They had viewed the property while on holidays and loved it. They asked us for our professional advice and assistance having used our services three times before and knew how committed we are to our clients. After sitting down and discussing what they wanted to achieve and what price they were prepared to pay we approached the vendors agent and entered into a negotiation. This resulted in an excellent buy for our client which exceeded their expectations.

Real Estate Negotiators have successfully purchased a much sought after home in Greenwich.

Young couple Tegan & Stephen phoned us up to attend the auction on their behalf as they were committed to a wedding in Melbourne. We looked at the site and realised that this was a hotly contested property. After discussing this with our clients we convinced them to make a ‘best shot’ offer prior to auction. After much discussion and hard negotiation through the agent and with the vendor our offer was finally accepted. If we had waited until the auction – they would have missed out.